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Dunhill of Wilmington was started by two staffing professionals with over eleven years combined experience in the professional search industry. Both of our owners had spent a lot of time on the NC coast and recognized not only its beauty, but also, the area's potential. While we work on a nationwide scale, from Boston to LA, we're based in a strong, economically growing area just two hours east of Research Triangle Park. Wilmington is home to a growing university and has attracted a number of technology and pharmaceutical companies. It issometimes referred to as "Hollywood East" producing more movies than any other location in the country outside of LA and NYC. Over the past six years we have grown and added individuals to our staff from a variety of backgrounds to handle our clients varied needs. Our staff has come to us from up and down the eastern seaboard, including NH/MA, NYC, DC, and FL,so we also provide a “locals” perspective for many of the regions where we work. Their backgrounds include telecommunications, software, finance, government contracting, and sales.


Dunhill is one of the world's largest and most experienced executive search firms. Even if you are satisfied with your present search activities, to dig deeper into quality and quantity it is advisable to utilize all of your resources. Choosing Dunhill will guarantee you a selection from the most talented candidates available in today's market no matterwhere you need them, from Boston to LA, Miami to Seattle. We can offer not only permanent, direct-hire placement but we are also able to offer professional contract services. This can be a valuable alternative in today's marketplace, where you may need extra personnel but don't have the headcount or budget to hire a permanent employee. Dunhill of Wilmington is also an approved government facility, so we are able to offer government contract services andinsure finding screened professionals who hold a security clearance. Leading executives and managers know that their success is dependent upon having a team of quality professionals working with them to meet their corporate goals and objectives. That is why so many of them bring their staffing requirements to Dunhill, their recruiter of choice. We offer the resources, the expertise and the commitment towards quality that is necessary to provide the best available professionals in the shortest amount of time. They have confidence in our ability to provide creative solutions to their workforce and workplace needs. We handle all the details in the interviewing and placement process so that they can concentrate on the business at hand and in making the right choice.


PO Box 12596 Wilmington, NC 28405 Phone: (910) 251-3450 Fax: (910) 251-3447


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