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The National Guard is more than just a great way to serve your country. It’s also one of the very best places to find excellent career training.You’ll be paid to learn job skills that fit you and your interests. And you’ll get real-world training you can use right now—along with hands-on experience that will give you a head start toward your career.Choose from over 150 jobs in fields like medicine, technology, engineering, transportation, communications—serious jobs that can give you a real advantage over the competition. And you can take your career even further with the leadership opportunities available to officers and warrant officers. Your future—it all begins here with National Guard careers.


You’ll get a lot out of serving in the National Guard. In addition to the pride of serving your country and community, you’ll learn career skills, earn cash bonuses—on top of your Guard pay—and receive educational opportunities you can’t get anywhere else.Check out these great Guard benefits:Guard PayAs a Soldier, you’ll earn a paycheck for every day you serve. Whether you’ve just shipped to Basic Training, you’re drilling one weekend a month, or you’re attending Annual Training during the summer—or any time you’re called up to serve—you’ll be getting paid. And every promotion puts even more in your check. See how the Guard pays you to serve. Money for CollegeWhen it comes to paying for school, the National Guard can really help get you on track. By serving in the Guard, you can:Qualify for up to 100% federal tuition assistance (many states also offer assistance). Put over $300 a month in your pocket with the Montgomery GI Bill or Post-9/11 GI Bill. Add up to another $350 per month with the Army National Guard Kicker. Repay up to $50,000 of student loans with Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)*. From GED assistance to graduate exam preparation, nobody beats the Guard for education benefits. Learn more about money for college. * Does not apply to all career fields.Bonuses and IncentivesThere are a lot of ways to make extra money in the Guard. You can earn big bonuses when you go into one of the Guard’s specialized Cash Bonus Jobs. And we've got big incentives for officers and healthcare professionals. Learn how to make the most of your Guard service with our Bonuses and Incentives.Enlistment OptionsThe Guard has enlistment options that can help move your education forward while you jump-start your military career:Join the Guard while you’re still in high school with the Split Training Option. Split-Training Option. Earn your high school diploma in a military academy setting at the Patriot Academy. Combine Guard service with ROTC, and earn full tuition plus drill pay and an allowance with the Simultaneous Membership Program. See how your Guard enlistment can work for you. Check out all our enlistment options. Additional BenefitsGuard service offers even more benefits:Catch free flights in the continental U.S. Enjoy discount shopping privileges at military bases worldwide. Qualify for low-cost health coverage and life insurance. Get a home loan through Veterans Affairs. Earn extra cash now when your friends enlist. Set yourself up for later through the Federal Retirement Plan. Combine these with benefits from your state, and you can see how Guard service offers plenty of additional benefits for Guard Soldiers. For more information, click on any of these links or contact your local National Guard recruiter.  

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National Guard training prepares you to serve in your community or around the world. But as a Citizen-Soldier, you’re just as likely to spend most days at your civilian job or in school.The Guard knows your career is important. If you’re looking for your first job, moving in a new direction or returning from deployment, the National Guard’s job resources can give you a real advantage.

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