Company description


As part of a recent growth initiative from our clients, Valen Enterprises, Incorporated has opened a new location in the Austin, Texas area. Valen Enterprises, Incorporated represents a large European cellular company that is currently the third largest cellular company in the United States. Since trends have shifted in the past few years, businesses are increasingly using cellular devices for their commercial needs, and our client is looking to aggressively gain market share. Therefore, our firm was hired to create a marketing campaign to directly market to commercial and business accounts.With the demand from our client, Valen Enterprises is looking to expand to five different markets by the end of 2014. We plan to obtain this goal through continuing to provide structured, effective training and development of our employees.

Valen Enterprises, Incorporated’s culture stands on a foundation made up of a few core concepts:1. Openness and humility from top to bottom of the organization2. An environment of accountability and personal responsibility3. Freedom for risk-taking within appropriate limits4. A fierce commitment to “do it right”5. A willingness to tolerate and learn from mistakes- we always fall forward6. Unquestioned integrity and consistency7. A pursuit of collaboration, integration, and holistic thinking8. Courage and persistence in the face of difficulty