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At REQUEST, our recruiters also partner with our clients - which include Fortune 500 companies as well as ambitious entrepreneurial businesses whose growth and success offer exciting opportunities. Our clients invest significant resources while providing their employees with the latest technologies resulting in development and career advancement. With each engagement we gain a detailed understanding of the environment and needs of the position allowing us to be sensitive to the types of personalities and skill sets that will find our clients' organizations fulfilling.In fact, today many of our client contacts are people we've placed. They trust and respect us -- which means we're able to work directly with the people most interested in finding the right candidate. In other words, we really take the time to get to know our clients, their organizations and we will take the time to get to know you, your goals, your area of expertise and your personal style - all the unique qualities that determine your level of job satisfaction. Then, you will be assured that an interview that REQUEST arranges is truly a viable opportunity to move you forward in your career.

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REQUEST is an executive search firm specializing in recruiting Information technology professionals for organizations in the United States.REQUEST will help you map out a sure route to fulfilling your ambitions with the confidence and resources that put you in control of your destiny. We'll help you explore new directions. Discover great opportunities. Market your skills. And together, we'll negotiate the most competitive salary. That's why REQUEST's placement ratio ranks well above industry standards.


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