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With capability in 140 languages, Appen works with leading technology companies to expand into new global markets. Our comprehensive expertise in search, language, and social technology, combined with an agile crowd-sourcing model, power companies to offer relevant and localized product experiences. Our solutions help companies transform the endless amount of data pouring in across the web from around the world, into tools that create and increase engagement for their customers.Appen’s global network of specialists and in-country virtual teams, assures products perform in every market, to drive brand growth and gain competitive advantage.We are passionate about people, language and technology – the nexus of which drives our mission to cultivate connection globally.Not Ready To Apply?


With employees worldwide, we understand that our responsibility as a global citizen begins with our own people and extends to communities around the world. Our sustained investment in responsible business practices takes many forms—from ethical governance to our company value of integrity, our commitment to global diversity and our programs for giving back to our communities. We continuously strive to make a positive impact by extending technology globally to connect and empower communities


At Appen, we work with world-class organizations that are looking to expand cutting edge technology into new global markets. You can be a part of that growth.

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16840 Bothell Way NE, Suite A Lake Forest Park, Washington, 98155


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Имидж компании состоит из десятка переменных, при этом самая главная - живые впечатления людей, имевших опыт сотрудничества с организацией. Оставьте отзыв о работодателях, с которыми Вас связывали общие задачи и планы - для повышения информированности всех участников рынка труда.

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